Tuition - advanced driving techniques

Dirk builds on a long experience as a driving instructor.

His background as a chassis development driver forms the backbone of his tuition course.

The student is not being simply conditioned (many instructors limit a course to saying 'brake now, turn in here etc...'), but is into how he/she handles the car and how different driving techniques affect the car's responses.
This will enable him/her to understand how to adapt to any type of car's dynamics whatever the track. This leads to an improved consistency in driving technique - exactly the skill development drivers need.

Dirk is an approved instructor by the FEBIC (Belgian Federation of advanced driving schools).
Joe Weber School - Advanced Driver TrainingJoe Weber School

The man who started the tuition of Industry drivers at the Nürburgring is Georg Weber. It was via Nissan that Dirk met "Joe" and a close friendship quickly grew between the two men.

When Joe became ill in early '98, Dirk took over Joe's duties within the "Industry Pool" at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife.

Dirk's references include: Aston Martin, Alfa-Romeo, Fiat, General Motors, Hankook Tires, Honda, Jaguar/Land Rover, Lotus, Nissan, TRW, Volkswagen, and others.