"Deze bocht gaat natuurlijk plankgas, maar door de enorme bulten wordt het vanaf 260 km/u wel delicaat' vertelt Dirk Schoysman gortdroog. Hij is professioneel testpiloot voor Nissan, Jaguar en bandenfabrikant Hankook, racepiloot ad interim, kenner bij uitstek van de Nürburgring en onze gids voor één ronde....Hij mag dan wel vinden dat het traag gaat, wij knijpen ondertussen de armsteun tot moes en voelen onze hartslag tot in onze kleinste teen bonken."

(Bart Lenaerts, In den ban van de Ring, AutoWereld/Belgium, Juli 2003)

"He epitomizes calmness, driving sideways at 120 mph without even breaking a sweat. Mr Schoysman has this unnerving ability to drive incredibly quickly while articulating every movement, explaining the physics of the car and the precise reason for the particular racing line he takes."

(Edward A. Taylor/Eric R. Drosin, Lords of the Ring, ROBB Report/USA, November 2002)

...the man credited with hustling an R33 Skyline GT-R around the Nürburgring in 7mins 59secs.

(Richard Meaden, Kings of the Ring, evo/GB, July 2000)

The Skyline feels a much more naturally effective weapon here. Whether that's down to Schoysman's smoothness and confidence or the Skyline's ability is hard to tell. On reflection I guess you could say the two factors are inseparable, for the car wouldn't feel as good were it not for Schoysman's development work. Fact is, Dirk makes the R33 absolutely fly, sliding perfectly from kerb to kerb, snatching some air over the Flugplatz, taking lots of kerbs where he can and keeping the throttle floored when all I can see is a blind crest.

(Richard Meaden, Kings of the Ring, evo/GB, July 2000)

Schoysman is also a "Ringmaster", having driven well over 3,500 laps (the best part of 50,000 miles) on the Nordschleife. Dirk was the man behind the wheel when that Skyline lapped in 7m 59secs.

(Tom Stewart, Free Ring Circus, Top Gear Magazine/GB, October 1997)

As we approach a wet Hohe Acht and Wipperman Barrie "Whizzo" Williams tells me that Dirk (who'd driven him round in the Skyline GTR the day before) drives through here too fast. "No really. I mean it! Too fast!" Coming from Whizzo that can only mean staggeringly swiftly. But I know that he's getting at; I'd been driven by Dirk here last year and it's an experience I shan't forget.

(Tom Stewart, Free Ring Circus, Top Gear Magazine/GB, October 1997)

Sideways. Absolutely, completely, fully sideways at 170 km/h. At that speed, the passenger seat is not the place you would normally want to be. But Nissan's Skyline GTR, the Nürburgring Nordschleife and the driver who holds the record for the fastest lap in aproduction car, contribute to a near religious experience for anyone along for the ride.

(Stuart Johnston, Riding the Rollercoaster, Drive/South Africa, June1998

...bit if you'd been a passenger with Dirk I guarantee you'd dine out on the experience for years.

(Tom Stewart, Free Ring Circus, Top Gear Magazine/GB, October 1997)